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In today's office environment, now more than ever it is important to consider your health.  Long hours sitting at your desk or computer while on the phone can have a painful impact on your back and neck.  Productivity is reduced and absentee costs increase.  Utilising the wide range of headsets available will enable you to work more efficiently and look after your most important asset in business: your staff. 

Headsets have been developed to meet a wide variety of environments.  If you work in a noisy environment, noise cancelling headsets will cut out up to 75% background noise and they are made to be worn all day long providing comfort and ease of use.  Choose from over the head, on the ear and in the ear headsets, coupled with fully adjustable microphones users can custom fit their headset to maximise wearability.

When choosing a headset consider your work space ie: small office, open plan, call centre, noisy environment.  How long you need to wear the headset ie: receptionist, marketing, computer entry.  You as an individual, do you find an over the head headset gives you headaches, do you have a bad neck? How much movement do you need while connected to you headset: are you checking files away from your desk for your clients?  You also need to know the model of your phone system and your particular handset.  Once you are clear on your requirements contact us for help choosing the right headset for you and confirming compatibility of your phone system and handset.
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Did you know ???

That using a headset on a daily basis will reduce unnecessary back pain and fatigue caused by cradling the phone on your shoulder? 

Using a headset as part of your daily work routine will help improve your posture, and alleviate chronic neck and back pain.

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