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Would you like to increase your sales? 

On Hold Messages for a minimal outlay can provide an effective means of increasing sales, promoting special offers, providing information on your products and services as well as keeping that ll important client on the line!

On Hold Messages

Phone systems have the facility to place people on hold during a call, while on hold a person could be listening to one of several options.  Some phone systems will play "chimes", some will play "dead air", others will be connected up to a radio playing a local radio station, but the most effective phone system will be playing a scripted message about your business, continuing to sell or educate your client as they wait on hold.

As a business we all aim not to keep a client on hold for longer than necessary however there are instances where we are unable to avoid this.  Chimes and dead air do not send the right message to the customer: in fact higher incidences of caller hang up occur using these options.  Having a radio station on hold is better but again not the best solution, APRA licensing is required to play the music and you run the risk of your competitors ads playing while your clients are on hold!

Make the most of your On Hold:  specific messages promote
your business to your clients.

If you already have on hold messages, it is important to keep them fresh, check them regularly to see if you can update them with important news, products and specials.  We can offer message solutions that allow for extra messages throughout the year so you are always one step ahead.

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