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UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

UPS (uninterrupted power supply) is important to consider when running computers, phone system indeed anything that is crucial to running your business.  Why?  What happens in the event of power failure?  Important equipment like your phone system and computers will shut down without electricity.  Now battery backup can be an alternative for your phone system however there are some added benefits to installing a UPS additional to battery backup.  A UPS provides protection against electrical surges and brownouts.  It evens out the electrical input to provide the optimum operating power conditions for your valuable equipment.

Electrical storms can have a detrimental and costly effect on your phone system, while a direct hit by lightning will cause terminal damage, the impact of nearby hits travelling down the electrical lines can be minimised with the UPS.  Contact Absolute Phone & Data for a UPS to safeguard your phone system.
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Eaton ENV1000HA UPS

Will run a small phone system with 4 PSTN Lines for approximately 4 hours dependent on phone traffic

Eaton POD
Surge Protector

Need A
New Phone System?
First line of defense against power surges. Available as 6 Plug or 8 Plug Board.
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Did you know?
Eaton 5125/1500VA UPS

Mission Critical Protection
Larger UPS will run IT Devices and Phone System

The Powerware 5125 is a sinewave line interactive UPS, which protects networked office servers.  The Eatpm 5125 Model comes in a range of 1000VA - 2200VA suitable for larger networks and phone systems.  The Powerware 5125 ensures clean power and the reliable operation of all devices connected to the UPS.  Protection against power failure, sags, surges and transients.  ABM doubles battery life extending operating times during power outtage. 

Comes with a
2 Year Warranty
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Eaton 1000HA UPS
Eaton 5125/1500VA UPS
Eaton POD Surge Protector Boards
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One of the most powerful forces of natures, the lightning bolt can travel at speeds of 36,000km/hr with temperatures approaching 30,000 degrees celsius.  A single lightning bolt can contain as much as several 100 million volts of electricity, that is enough energy to light 150,000,000 lightbulbs!

A UPS can provide a measure of protection against indirect lightning and electricity grid fluctuations. 
Protect your technology investment.
Is your Phone System

Storm Season
Fast Approaching
Order a UPS Now!
UPS Power Protection
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Fully qualified technicians are required to install these products on your phone system and programming will be required.

All our technicians are endorsed and experienced in fitting out your phone system. 

Absolute Phone & Data offer a free advisory service
making sure you get the most effective and reliable solution for your business.

Our sales staff come from a technical background rather than sales so you can be assured of gettng a tailored solution that is  right for your business.

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Contact one of our expert staff can advise the right UPS Power Protection for your phone system
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