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Headset Parts and Headset Accessories

Absolute Phone & Data stock Plantronics and Jabra GN Netcom Headsets, Headset Parts an Headset Accessories.  Contact us for availability and pricing.
Headset Parts  Headset Accessories
Jabra GN Netcom

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Did you know ???

That using a headset on a daily basis will reduce unnecessary back pain and fatigue caused by cradling the phone on your shoulder? 

Using a headset as part of your daily work routine will help improve your posture, and reduce neck and back pain.
Our Price
$120.00 inc GST*
RRP $215 inc GST
* Prices subject to change without notice
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Enquire Now
Can't find the right headset?
Absolute Phone & Data offers a much wider range than what we have showcased.  Contact us for further information on products available.
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Using a Headset is good for your business ...

Not only does a headset help you physically, it also increases work productivity.  Studies have shown that using a headset instead of holding the phone frees up a hand and can improve productivity by up to 43%!
M22 Headset Amplifier
Works on older
phones ie: Commander
Converst H Series Headsets to P
MX22 Wideband Amplifier
Supports enchanced audio for wideband VoIP Phones
Our Price
$129 inc GST*
Our Price
$178.00 inc GST*
RRP $269 inc GST
RRP $269 inc GST
Our Price
$178.00 inc GST*
GN8000 Amplifier
Compatible with most types of phones
GN8120 Amplifier
Filters out background noise on incoming caller's signal
Acoustic Shock Syndrome
Acoustic Shock Syndrome is caused by unexpected noise "bursts" which can impair hearing.  This syndrome results from headsets that do not protect the user from spikes in sound.
* Prices subject to change without notice
Headset Parts and Cords

A10-16 Cable                                    
26716-01 Vista Cord                         
27190-01 Polaris Cord                       
40702-01 Lightweight Vista Cord     
Supra/Mirage Voicetube                    
Supra/Mirage Voicetube Coloured     
Voicetube Tristar, Encore, CS351     
Voicetube Tristar, Encore Coloured      
Duopro Headband                              
Supra Mono Headband                    
Jabra GN netcom                        

GN Netcom Curly Cord                        
GN1200 Smart Cord                                   
GN9120 Earhook Replacement            
GN9120/2100 Series Earplate          
GN9120/2100 Microphone Windscreen 
GN8000/8050 On Line Indicator             
GN1000 Handset Lifter                          
GN2400 Series Leatherette Ear Cushions
GN9120/2100 Leatherette Ear Cushion      

inc GST
$  8.00
$  8.00
inc GST
$  9.95
* Prices subject to change without notice
Noise Cancelling Feature

If you use a headset with noise cancelling technology the microphone filters out up to 75% of background sounds, so that callers hear only you, even in noisy environments.
Ideal for use in open plan offices, call centres and other noisy sites.
M15D Acoustic
Shock Protection Device
Provides acoustic protection and superb sound quality
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Plantronics Coloured Voicetubes
GN Netcom Smartcord
GN 9120 Earhook Replacement
Plantronics 27190-01
Polaris Cord
Use on the Practica Series Amplifiers
GN1000 Handset Lifter
Ideal with GN9330e Wireless Headset
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New Phone System
Corded Headsets
Cordless Headsets
Music On Hold
Jabra GN Netcom GN1000 Handset Lifter
Unable to find the part you are looking for?
Contact us for price and availablity for your headset accessory, part or cable.
Plantronics Busy Light Indicator
MX10 Multimedia Amplifier
Can connect to phone and other sources ie: CD Player, PC Soundcard
Jabra GN Netcom
GN1000 Handset Lifter
Use with Jabra GN
Wireless Headsets
Allows remote answer
Our Price
$90 inc GST*
Supply Australia Wide
Servicing South East Queensland
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