MOH Message On Hold Player 

MOH Message On Hold Player is a digital music / message on hold playback system which supports MP3 audio formats.  The MOH On Hold Player comes with a usb drive and a generic on hold message, so it's ready to go right out of the box.  Add new customised message MP3 programmes to the player by connecting a usb drive to a PC via the USB port, download your MP3 File and insert USB stick back into MOH On Hold Player and you are ready.  The MOH  Message On Hold Player will play only your on hold message on continuous loop.

With choice of 8ohms or 600ohms the MOH Sell On Hold Player can be used with any phone system that has an on hold port.  Auto start after power loss is another feature guaranteed to give you peace of mind.  The MOH On Hold Player retains stored preferences such as repeat modes, and volume settings.  If power to the MOH On Hold Player is disrupted, it will stop until power is restored, the MOH On Hold Player will immediately return to continuous playback with all settings automatically.

The MOH Message On Hold Player has minimal moving parts, this player will give great value for money and years of operation!  MOH Message On Hold Player comes with a one year manufacturers warranty
MOH On Hold Player
Message On Hold

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Music on Hold Players must be connected to a phone system to work.

Stand alone or house phones have no connection facility or programming access to work with On Hold Players
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MOH Message On Hold Player
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MP3 Audio Playback

Connects to any Phone System with external music port

USB Flash Drive support

Power Supply
10V DC-1W

Output: choose 8 ohms or 600 ohms

Volume Control
$140 ex GST
Message On Hold
MOH Message
On Hold Player with
Budget Message Package
MOH Message
On Hold Player with
Customised Message Package
$275 ex GST
$495 ex GST
Your business can for a small outlay present a professional business presence with Message On Hold Player and a Customised Message.

  Grab one of our message on hold player with message packages and remember no ongoing contracts you own outright!
MOH Sell On Hold Player
If you are looking for a professional audio production that includes creative scripting,
quality studio audio recording with approval
sign off at script and audio production then we
recommend the fully customised message programme.

* Creative Message Programme Script for
  On Hold, Auto Attendant
and After Hours

* In as little as 7 working days you will have a
professionally recorded message program

* Choose your audio artist, male, female or  both for a small additional cost!

* Generous 10 x Message Segments
  On Hold Message Programme
   Auto Attendant Message
   After Hours Message

* Outright purchase with
no plans or contracts

* Can change segments
at a later date
  eg: new site address,
new products
for a small cost per segment
Qualified Technicians
are highly recommended
to install On Hold Player
to your phone system

LIU for On Hold Player
Connect LIU
between Phone
System and
On Hold Player
$25 ex GST
MOH On Hold Player
with LIU Package
$160 ex GST
LIU for MOH On Hold Player
1 New MOH On Hold Player

1 x Customised Message includes creative script, choice of audio artist,
up to 2 mins aggregate recording

1 x Auto Attendant 
       Message 10 secs
1 x After Hours Message
1 x New LIU Line Isolation

1 New MOH On Hold Player

1 Customised DIY Message max 200 Words

1 New LIU Line Isolation Unit

You provide the on hold script,
choose your male or female audio artist and music, we provide the professionally
recorded audio production

MOH On Hold Player
MOH On Hold Player
MOH Player
One Year Warranty
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