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IP Business Phone System 

Today's business operating strategy revolves around IP technology.  IPECS, Hybrex and NEC have incorporated this technology into their phone systems with beneficial results for commerce.

One of the main benefits of using a IP Phone System is the ability to have remote offices.  More and more people are internet commuting for work.  Why not use an extension off  the work phone system the same way?  The IPECS, Hybrex or NEC IP handset is able to use the business lines to call out and receive, intercom between other extensions on the business phone system and act exactly like an extension that works in the office.  Hybrex and NEC IP Phone Systems can use PSTN, ISDN, VoIP and GSM Gateway lines through the internet protocol.  IPECS with their IP Phone System offer PSTN and VoIP with the option of connecting your smartphone as an extension off the phone system. 

If your business frequently sets up temporary offices ie: building site office then an Mocet, IP, Hybrex IP or NEC IP  Phone System is a viable solution.  Having a problem with geting lines connected at the site or perhaps it is not worth it for the time period you are located there?  IPECS, Hybrex or NEC IP Phone system can run remote extensions and teamed with a 3G / 4G router (provides phone, data, and fax services) and wireless broadband your business is connected!

Each business has different requirements and it is hard to know which solution is going to be the right one.  Contact our experts for a free consultation and let us provide you with a obligation free quote!

We supply australia wide and are able to organise installation in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.  South East Queensland we are able to provision, commission, provide training and ongoing maintenance for your IPECS,  Hybrex or NEC IP Phone System.
IP Business Telephone System

IPECS EMG80 IP Phone System
Hybrex G1E Plus MPU Hybrid
Hybrex GDS 600 Series
NEC Univerge SV9000 Series

Hybrex G1E Plus Phone System Brochure
Hybrex GDS Phone System Brochure
Supply Australia Wide
Servicing South East Queensland

> Corded Headset
> Wireless Headset
NEC Univerge Brochure
Hybrex G1E Plus
Phone System
Hybrex GDS 600
Phone System
NEC Univerge
Phone System
Hybrex Handsets
NEC Handsets
Hybrex IP Phone System Web Special

1   Hybrex G1E Plus MPU Main Equipment configured as:
up to 4 PSTN Lines (or choose up to 6 ISDN Lines)
     up to 4 VoIP Lines
     up to 8 Digital Handsets
     up to 4 IP Extensions
     up to 4 Analogue Devices (ie: cordless phone)
     4 Port Auto Attendant
     Caller ID Display (Caller ID Feature turned on)
6   Hybrex DK6-21 Display Handsfree Stations

4   Hybrex IP-3861 POE & Power Supply Extensions
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Hybrex G1E Plus Phone System Brochure
Hybrex Display Phone Pic
Hybrex IP Handset Pic
DK6-21 Handset
IP-3861 Handset
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Supply Australia Wide
Servicing South East Queensland
Hybrex IP38-61 IP Phone
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NBN Compatible
IP Phone Systems
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Mocet IP Phone System
IPECS emg80 IP
Phone System
Headsets corded and wireless
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