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Medium and Large Business Phone Systems 

Hybrex offers a medium telephone system that is packed full of
easy to use functionality.  Economical yet integrating the latest technology your
Hybrex Medium Phone System will grow with your business into the future.

If your business is expanding in the near future and you already own a Hybrex Phone System, the range of Hybrex Stations will migrate across the different Main Equipments allowing you to save $$$..

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Medium to Large
Business Telephone System

Hybrex G1E Plus Hybrid
Large Business Telephone System 
Our special packs are just some of the configurations you can build for your business.  Absolute Phone & Data understand that each business is unique and that your company may require a different setup. Contact us for an obligation free quote.

Absolute Phone & Data service South East Queensland.  If your business is located in this area we are able to offer installation, maintenance and relocation on new and existing phone systems.  Our qualified technicians have completed extensive training on a range of phone systems ensuring that your business telephone system is intstalled and programmed efficiently.  Our service continues with ongoing phone support at no additional cost!  It is our commitment to your business to provide the very best of service and support.  Contact us for a quote on installation of your new phone system.

We offer flexibility in how you want to purchase your new phone system.  Purchase outright, rent or lease the choice is yours! Rental payments are an expense and fully tax deductible. Leasing allows you to purchase the phone system at an agreed value at the end of the contract and has tax benefits.  Contact us to find out which solution is best for your business.
Rent Phone System
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Hybrex offer a generous
3 Years Manufacturers

What does this mean to you?

A company confident in their product covering longer than industry standard warranty period

Peace of mind, knowing that Hybrex Phone Systems are made to provide years of trouble free service.
* Per Week exc GST
Hybrex GDS Phone System
Hybrex Station DK6-21
16 x
1 x Hybrex GDS Large Business Phone System
      Configured with 30 ISDN Lines

1 x Hybrex 4 Port Auto Attendant

1 x Hybrex Voicemail

16 x Hybrex DK6-21 Display Handsfree Handsets

Phone System Pricing on this page does not include freight or installation

Need a new phone system that fits your business? 

Hybrex DK6-21 Display Handsfree Phone
10 x
Choose to Rent, Lease or Buy
Hybrex G1E Plus Main Equipment
Rent Phone System
* Per Week exc GST
1 x
1 x Hybrex G1E Plus with MPU Medium Phone System
       with up to 4 Phone Lines

10 x Hybrex DK6-21 Display Handsfree Stations
Medium Business Telephone System 
Medium Business Telephone System 
1 x Hybrex G1E Plus with MPU Medium Phone System
       with up to 4 Phone Lines

1 x Hybrex DK6-31 Display Handsfree Stations

5 x Hybrex DK6-33 Basic Stations
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Supply Australia Wide
Servicing South East Queensland
Hybrex DK6-33 Display Handsfree Phone
Hybrex G1E Plus Phone System
5 x
$1255* plus GST
*Installation and Freight Additional
Hybrex GDS Brochure
Hybrex Phone System
Hybrex Phone System
Hybrex Phone System
Installation available
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