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Hybrex CT Star Software                                       
The Hybrex Computer Telephony Integration Solution 

Hybrex has developed the CT Star Software to be used with the Hybrex G1E Plus MPU, Hybrex G2 and the Hybrex GDS Digital Phone Systems.  Within the CT Star CTI Software Package are multiple applications which are all internet based, this means you can access your data from anywhere with an internet connection using the server / client structure of CT Star.

Applications within CT Star CTI Software Package include:

System Manager (SM): Remote Programming, on-site programming and set up of Hybrex G1E Plus MPU, G2 and GDS Phone Systems.  Installers and Technicians are able to expediate installation and programming procedures.  Efficient installation and on-site programming with remote programming access, the Hybrex CT Star System Manager offers cost effective programming for customers.

Access Manager (AM):  Access Manager allows you to control entry and exit security, log employees movement for time sheets and more.  Used in conjunction with the Hybrex ACP (Access Conrol Phone) Telephone.
Telephony Software

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Hybrex CT Star Software
Maximise features of your Hybrex Digital Phone System using Hybrex CT Star Software.

System requirements:

Current series PC Network

Server Minimum: 5000MHz up, 1000MB HD
                           256 RAM

Running Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro, XP Pro

Client Workstations: similar to server, running Windows 2000 Pro, XP Pro
Hybrex CT Star Information
Hybrex CT Star
Hybrex TAPI Protocol CTI Interface

TAPI (Telephony Applications Programming Interface) developed by Microsoft for use with its windows operating system to enable intergration between Windows applicatons and telephony devices.  The protocol allows a list of commands that an application issue to control the functions of a telephony device.  Making a call, holding a call, transferring a call, and ending a call are basic operations.  To use a TAPI requires as a minimum the installation of TSP (telephone service provider), driver for the PC, workstation or server.

TAPI allows for making phone calls through your PC, workstation, server utilising your Hybrex Digital Phone System.  Access to Microsoft Outlook allows you to call using stored names and numbers.  CTI (Computer Telephony Intergration) can be accessed by first party (single user) or third party (multiple users).

Cost to install and configure the TAPI will depend on each site setup.  Usually cost to install and programme is less if installed at time of installation of your Hybrex Phone System.  If you already have a Hybrex G1E Plus MPU, G2 or GDS Phone System and would like to take advantage of these great features, we can install and programme at a reasonable cost.  Remember the Hybrex Telephony Software is FREE.  Enquire now for how Hybrex Telephony Software can help your business.
Hybrex CTI Interface Setup Diagram
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Contact Manager (CM): (CTI) Computer Telephone Intergration component of CT Star, you can create a Contact Manager that provides a personal and system wide management of your business contacts when used with CT Star Telephone Manager.

Telephone Manager (TM): (CTI) Computer Telephony Intergration component of CT Star, partners clients computer with the Hybrex Digital Phone System.  This allows calls to be made, receive and also control telephone traffic all from the computer keyboard.  Handsets can be used to parrallel, Telephone Manager will log missed calls and more.

Call Accounting System (CAS): Monitor, record, analysis, and cost all aspects of traffic through your Hybrex Digital Phone System.