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Phone System Card : Phone System Board

Phone System Cards can provide added functions and features to your business phone system.  Phone systems are usually configured with basic line and station cards with the facility to add specific function cards allowing businesses to tailor a phone system specifically to their business needs

Utilising specific phone system cards means that your phone system can grow with your business requirements.  It is important to get a good quality reliable phone system such is offered by Hybrex and NEC knowing that these products will perform to your business now and into the future.

Contact Absolute Phone & Data for further information on phone system cards.
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VoIP Line Board

Compatible with Hybrex G1E Plus and Hybrex GDS Phone Systems
Available in 4, 8 and 16 Line Port Capacity

NEC SIP Licenses
NEC IP Station Licenses

VoIP Station Card

Compatible with
Hybrex G1E Plus MPU and
Hybrex GDS Phone Systems
Available in 4,8 and 16 Station Capacity
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Phone System Accessories
are not plug and use. 

Fully qualified technicians are required to install these products on your phone system and programming will be required.

All our technicians are endorsed and experienced in fitting out your phone system. 
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New Phone System?
Purchase SIP (phone line) and IP phone extension licenses for SL2100 and SV9000 series phone systems
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Hybrex VoIP Station Card
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New Phone System
VoIP Card
Auto Attendant : Voicemail
Phone and Data Cabling
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NEC Line Card
NEC Station Card
NEC Voicemail Card
Hybrex VoIP SIP Card for phone system
Not sure what your phone system is capable of?
Contact one of our expert staff and find out how adding additonal phone system cards can increase the capacity and flexibility of your phone system.
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Supply Australia Wide
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Hybrex Line Card
Hybrex Station Card
Hybrex Voicemail Card
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Our sales staff come from a technical background rather than sales so you can be assured of gettng a tailored solution that is  right for your business.