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Absolute Phone & Data have teamed up with one of the largest VoIP Suppliers to provide you with the opportunity to save money on your phone bills.  Let us show you how VoIP lines can provide you with great savings and a great service.
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How do VoIP Lines Work?

VoIP connects directly to your broadband (ADSL) internet connection.  Simply plug a VoIP Line Phone into your broadband modem router.  Or plug in an Voice Line Box  that is connected to your existing home phone.  Then, when you pick up your phone, your calls are routed over the internet using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) technology.

Unlike some VoIP Line Services, you do not require your computer to be switched on to make a call, so it doesn't matter whether you use Mac or a PC.  So long as your broadband (ADSL) connection is operating, you should be able to a call with VoIP.

VoIP Lines are easily connected to your business phone system, there are several options depending on how you want your VoIP Lines to work: eg: outgoing calls only, remote extension, marketing number and much more.

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VoIP lines have some advantage over normal phone lines in that they can be easily used remote from the original site, this is of benefit to businesses who have staff that work outside the office, or unable to come into work for a period of time but still need to be in contact with the office.  For the individual VoIP can save you money while travelling, easily connect up a VoIP line box to an internet point and you are able to communicate with almost anyone in the world!
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Do you want High speed Business Broadband?  We have an extensive range of ADSL2+ plans. 
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