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30 Day RISK FREE Trial*
You have got nothing to lose except those big bills!
*If, at any stage, within 30 days of activation you are not completely satisified with your service and wish to disconnect you will only pay for call charges and service fees incurred up to and including the time the service is disconnected.  The monthly fee will be apportioned accordingly from the date of activation to date of disconnection.  There is no termination fees associated with the 30 Day Trial.  You will be required to give engin verbal notice to disconnect and you will need to return your Voice Box in the condiion and packaging it was first received.
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Do you want High-speed Business broadband?  We have a range of ADSL2+ plans.  All plans have voice prioritisation, no peak periods and un-metered voice downloads.
Plan Montly Fee
0GB $39.95
20GB $59.95
50GB $79.95
100GB $99.95
200GB $129.95
VoIP Lines Only*
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Does your business have remote offices?

Now you can connect all sites on the one account easily and the benefits are shared across the entire account.
Check out the
VoIP Business Packs

Like to work from home?

It's never been easier with VoIP Busines Pack.  Just take one of the extra services and use it in the home office and get great rates!
Why not combine with any of our VoIP plans to bundle your business communications on a
single monthly bill.

Quality of Service - 256kbps segregated and dedicated to voice
Download anytime - No peak / off-peak split
Phone Calls not counted to download limit
Shaping (lowering speed of upload / download once GB on plan has been reached.  Resets to normal speed when monthly cycle restarts
Install Phone Systems
Upgrade Phone Systems
Relocate Phone Systems
Maintain Phone Systems
Can purchase Afterburners if you prefer not to have shaping applied when
GB have been reached in any single billing month.
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When it comes to your business it is important to make sure that your telephone system and
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All VoIP Lines and ADSL Lines need to be installed by a technician.
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